Monday, March 17, 2008

keep running.

you're running
with a mission
i place my foot
in the perfect position
i trip you
and you fall for me
you get back up
dust off your knee
i run after you
i try and try
i fix my hair
to catch your eye
you run past
without a glance
i hang my head
without a chance
but still i try
to get a look
but theres no way
you can be shook
so i sit on the stands
and i try to stop
but i cant get away
as i run to the top
i hide in the corner
and i rot away
because you run by
day after day
no matter how hard
i try to trip you
theres absolutely nothing
i can possibly do
i just want a look
some attention please!
im begging, groveling
im down on my knees
but run by
without a second thought
you cant be written
you cant be bought
so i finally give up
and i try to move on
right when i leave
is when you turn on
you look over
but its seriously, too late
i've walked past the fence
i'm closing the gate
you had your chance
with me at your feet
but you cant have me now
our eyes will never meet
ill walk away now
knowing you were it
without the time of day
yet again, i feel like shit.

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