Monday, March 17, 2008


out of my body
behind a tree
watching what
is happ'ning to me
i'm walking backwards
as if to say
i'm leaving this place
i'm running away
and the town resumes
its soft lullaby
as if to encourage
my last goodbye
and i keep regressing
into the grass
their emotionless tune
as the times pass
i'm still walking away
and you stand there and see
but you dont do a thing
but sing your song to me
i'm walking and screaming
tears streaming down my face
i just want you to say something
keep me here in this place
but you just keep singing
and its then that i know
all that i've put into this
it was all just for show
the patience that ive had
has all just been a waste
you've broken me the last time
and now i'm the disgrace
well keep singing your song
because i'm still walking away
i'll have no worries of memories
i wont tell you that i'm okay
i'll just disappear into the silence
as this lullaby is wishing me well
i'm leaving this place, unwanted
but that's okay, you've given me hell
you wrote me this
"thank you" i guess you could say
for breaking my heart,
and watching me walk away.

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