Monday, March 10, 2008


i wish the seconds would quit
the hands would not turn
i wish the clocks would break
i wish that time would burn
i just want it to stop!
just for one day!
i just want to take a break!
i need time away
from TIME!
its ticking and tocking
and the impatience!
stupid timing and clocking
i wish the numbers would fold
i wish the hours would learn
and for me now...
they would never return
i wish the wind wouldnt blow
and the sun wouldnt rise
and i could have this moment
to review and revise
i just need to escape
from this constant thing
to see for once
what timeless means
but time after time
time will not end
time listens to no one
time will not bend
time will keep on
but ill keep wishing it away
then maybe...just maybe
i'll get my wish one day.

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