Friday, March 7, 2008

forgive me.

you're like a bad taste
on the tip of my tongue
you're the fly in the soup
you're the spot on the sun
you're the hair in my mouth
you're the glitch in the system
sometimes i wonder
why are you with him?
you're the wrong book
on the wrong shelf
you're the one stupid person
who cant take care of herself
you're like a fucking apple
on a fucking pear tree
you ruin everything
you've ruined me
i apologize too much
but forgive me, i'm broken
by your actions, your stares
words you couldnt leave unspoken
you're the wrong colored bead
on that bracelet i made
you broke the pattern
you broke the braid
you left those beads
strewn across the floor
and no one can pick them up
before they roll under the door
into that room
where you ripped out my eyes
and made me your own
you're my disguise
you made me who you want
but who i dont, want to be
you've changed everything
and now, i'm not me.

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