Tuesday, March 11, 2008

i love you.

you heart is a forest
and mine is a fire
yours so deep and mysterious
mine full of desire
together we're a match
made in heaven, and hell
but times passed
and time does tell
your hand holding mine
is dangerous, like lightning
what we have is electric
the outcome could be frightning
side by side we're indesctructable
what we have is deep and strong
knowing what we know...
we'll forever belong
arm in arm and side by side
hand in hand and eye to eye
you're my passion, my life
your my everything and i...
i want you to know
that no matter how far
...the distance and space between
or how close that we are
you will forever be my forest
and ill forever be your fire
you'll forever be my heartsong
until the day we retire
when God calls us yonder
above the clouds and stars
i just want you to know
how precious you are.

1 comment:

ValPalXeno22 said...

love the poem...love the song...love you most!