Saturday, January 12, 2008

fuck you.

you shed a single tear
and i wiped it from your face
back in familiar arms
in a quite familiar place
you're breathing on my neck
then you whisper in my ear
what ive been so patiently
waiting, hear
but how could i be so stupid
to believe you when you said
that you miss me, really miss me
it all makes me scratch my head
does he mean it?
is he just messing with me again?
or just love me like a friend?
do i really take the words he says
seriously? or let them go...
because he says a lot of things....
mostly just 'i dont know'
he says hes figuring it out
but im really just beginning to think
that he enjoys breaking me down
actually likes pushing me to the brink
the edge of existence
where i make a choice
do i live my fucking life
or do i listen to his voice?
should i walk those few small steps
to my long belated death?
do i let his piercing words
take my final breath?
i'm past the point of no return
to where theres no looking back
to the point where my eyes stay open
but my sight turns black
you cut this hole in my heart
with your knife formed by fear
seeping with feelings of nothingness
because you faked that single tear.

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