Monday, January 7, 2008


im so sick of hearing
people tell me
that there are more
fish in the sea
because i dont care
about the other fish
i just want YOU
that's all i wish
sure i could catch
another fish out there
but you're all i want
i dont even care
that i may never have
another chance with you
i'll still love you, brandon
i dont know what to do
i dont know how to drown
this annoying ring in my ear
there arent any fish in the sea
that know me like you, dear
i miss you and i love you
and i so fucking wish
that i could catch you again
you're the only fish
that catches my eye
that stands out to me
and im sorry i feel this
i just wish you could see
how much i still love you
i'd give anything to be
that one fish standing out
for your sea.

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