Wednesday, January 16, 2008

walked on.

i'm sick of feeling walked all over
as if i'm nothing more than your bitch
i wont always be sitting here
to scratch that urge when you itch
i wont be your personal floor mat
i WILL slip out from under your feet
and i wont be there to wipe them on
after the rain...the snow...the sleet
i am so fucking sick of being your dog
i wont be there for you to walk on
you'll want to kick me around
but that day...i'll be long gone.
i'll be long gone baby, and someday...someone
will respect me, appreciate me, bitch, i'm all that
and i deserve every bit of that...i'm strong
and if i dont get it..i'll walk out in the tip of a hat
i am so fed up. i am so beat down.
and i cannot wait until the day you see
everything you left behind....
bitch, you left ME.

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