Saturday, January 5, 2008


a few simple words
have so much power
i woke up last night
every hour, on the hour
your face in my mind
your voice in my head
i lie wide awake
depressed, in my bed
how can YOU
have this effect on me?
how can i still love you
after everything?
after you said those things
after you moved on
after i thought i convinced myself
that you're really gone
i dont even know
i really dont see
how i can still love you
after you did that to me
why do i care so much?
why do i still feel this?
where do i go from here?
what is it about you that i miss?
why are you so addicting?
why do i act like nothings wrong
like i'm happy for you two
i've faked it for so long
"i'm happy for you"
its a load of shit
i'm sorry to say
but dont believe it.
and i'm so fed up
with not being over you
i keep trying so hard
i dont know what else to do
so if anyone at all
has a bit of advice
for me to get over him
that would be reeeeally nice.

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