Thursday, January 10, 2008


days like now
i finally see
the person
that i want to be
a future for
myself is shown
but i am still
living the unknown
every second
surprise lingers
on the end of my nose
the tips of my fingers
days like now
i'm happy because
i can honestly say
im not who i was
im different
im new
i'm me
you're you
life's coming
coming fast
i'm over this
i'm past the past
i'm growing
i'm learning
this longing
this yearning
i'm hoping
someday soon
i'll be the sun
highest at noon
i'll watch over
people and life
i'll be a mother
a sister, a worker, a wife
days like now
i get happy again
i can see theres a future
i can see to the end
its alright if
it doesnt go
the way i want
see....or know
i will be happy
with what i do
no matter how
where or with who
days like now
are when i smile
and hope and dream
ill stay this way for a while
and im thankful
to you and to you
for being with me
for helping me through.
days like now...
today is now.

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