Saturday, January 5, 2008

just friends.

you take my heart
and you love it so deep
you make room in your bed
and i crawl down to sleep
you brush my hair
from my green eyes
i give you my heart
thats why im surprised
you just want to be friends?
i dont know what to say
just friends. thats all?
do you know what its like everyday?
you hold my hand
dance with me in the rain
and now...JUST FRIENDS?
are you fucking insane?!
i poured my life
into your hands
i drop that dime
to see where it lands
you drove me out
to our place in the park
it was so precious
holding you in the dark
kissing your lips
by the light of the moon
just be friends...
has been said too soon
i cant just be your friend
when im still so in love
remember in florida?
in the water, you held me above...
but now i'll bet
you'd let me drown.
just fucking friends.
...really puts me down
my soul, my entire self
i have given to YOU
and look where we are now
just friends, is it true?
can you really be serious?
JUST FRIENDS, come on.
i know you have her now
i know you've moved on
but seriously. FUCKING SERIOUSLY.
im thinking JUST FRIENDS
is becoming harder than
just saying its the end.

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