Monday, January 14, 2008


after all you've done
after all you've said
after all i've thought
you wished me dead
after all the words
after all the pain
i'm a beaten umbrella
in this pouring rain
my soul is finally calm
smooth, glassy, placid
the rain beating down
is purely made of acid
but i've kept it up...
my umbrella, for you
after all this hell
all you've put me through
i'm still trying to cover you
with what little remains
thats all i've wanted to do
cover you when it rains
and i'm trying and trying
but you just keep fighting
i just want to protect you
from the thunder and lightning
give in to my protection
give in because this will be
over your head...covering you
no matter what you do to me
please stop fighting it
its for your own good
sure, try the golashes
try putting up your hood
none will cover you
with the comfort and love
as my umbrella does
and will always sit above
your precious head
i'll give all i have if need be
to cover you from this
because i love you...

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