Wednesday, January 16, 2008

on my own.

this is how the story goes.
this is how life was dealt.
i fucked up my love life.
lower than i've ever felt.
you were standing there,
arms as wide open as can be.
and i let myself open up to you.
and i showed you the real me.
you walked in when he walked out.
i poured my heart out to you.
and i was foolish enough to think,
this would work out how i want it to.
that for once in my life...once in my life,
i finally wouldnt be let down
but i guess i was very wrong.
submerged...screaming, let me drown.
i dont trust the hand you offer
you'll probably pull away anyhow
i had troubles trusting before this
i cannot trust anyone now.
so i guess happiness isnt meant
for every least not for me
i am on my own now and i scream
to slowly fade, disappear, cease to be
that i could hide in the shadows
and never be found, ever be sighted
maybe on my own, in the darkness
my hopes and dreams would be reunited
but this is probably just me...
getting my hopes up once more
thats a tendancy of mine...
but this time...
i've learned from before.

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