Sunday, December 2, 2007

todays the day

todays the day
it feels the worst
as if my heart
is going to burst
todays the day
i cried again
i havent done that
since who knows when
my life is broken
my eyes grew cold
my smile has faded
with no one to hold
no one to talk to
there's no one for me
there's a deep, empty hole
where my heart used to be
my world is crumbling
my head is aching
my life is over
my heart keeps breaking
theres no one here
to stop me now
just the voice in my head
telling me how
how to end this madness
relieve this pain
push back the storm clouds
and stop the rain
theres only one way out
it looks quite inviting
they're calling my name now
with thunder and lightning
im letting go
im giving in
no more burden
no more sin
todays the day
i say

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