Monday, December 31, 2007


growing up
all these 19 years
listening to troubles
wiping away tears
ive never thought
about the definition
ive never researched
just made my own rendition
ive abandoned those
who needed me
ive forgotten my best
in their time of need
ive walked away
those sobbing on the floor
because i foolishly looked past
what is truly, so much more
ive never known
what a friend was, so true
not until, now
i've gotten to know you
you are the meaning
you are the epitome
you are a true friend
everything i should be
the outlining syllabus
role model, teacher
next time i'm called
maybe i'll reach her
i've learned so much
from who you are
and i thank you deeply,
for such a big heart
and for helping me
and showing me
everything i wasnt
and what i need to be.

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