Sunday, December 9, 2007

less than fine, more than okay

today was the day
that i finally saw
all that i have,
i have it all.
my lifes more than
him and his game
more than his bullshit
causing my shame
his words can hurt
no more of me
i am who i am
thats all i can be
i will pick up
the pieces of my soul
and put them back together
and make my heart whole
one day, ill offer a man
all that i have, all that i am
he'll love me for me
he'll take my hand
he'll treat me better
than you ever could
he'll offer me
all that he could
i deserve everything
you gave me and more
so im shutting you down
im closing the door
im turning around
and walking away
and hope you remember
today is the day
the day that i see
im more than okay
a little less than fine
dont stand in my way
im on a roll now
without you here
and soon ill be happy
and you'll be in tears.

1 comment:

i wish to set my wings ablaze said...

You will find him. And it will be awesome. When God give you a true gift from him, it is always so incredible, it takes your breath away. I still look for my knight in shining armor, but i know God loves me very much, and for now, that is all i need.