Saturday, December 8, 2007

this time tomorrow

this time tomorrow
i will fall apart
the reins you crack
upon my heart
break me down
more every day
i cant do this
live this way
this time tomorrow
when youre asleep
ill be pushing it harder
until its that deep
deep enough to end
this feeling inside
what would you care
if i fucking died?
you have no heart
your soul is black
so are your eyes
the love you lack
is pushing me farther
down this path
one gun, one bullet
you do the math
you put me here
in this shallow tomb
the words you speak
are salt in this wound
your careless hate
your piercing tone
you dont give a fuck
im lost and alone
keep living your life
acting like im fine
erase my face
from the back of your mind
you killed me
youre a fucking dick
the thoughts of you and i
make me so fucking sick
you want me to die?
that can be arranged
just remember this
things you say
cant be changed.


i wish to set my wings ablaze said...

I hope that you will find the light at the end of the dark, lonesome tunnel, and be greeted with warmth and love.

Sorry got this address on facebook.

I am an acquaintance.

the convent said...

no reason to be sorry,
thank you for instilling hope