Tuesday, December 18, 2007


after all this heartache
after all this hell
i still love you
but you cant tell
that im trying so hard
so hard to move on
but theres still something there
thats not completely gone
i started off as
a canvas, pure white
until i said yes
to you that night
standing under the stars
that night last fall
who would have thought
i fucked up that judgement call
my canvas now
has a big black blot
right in the middle
where the white is not
from that night on
different colors of paint were poured
all over that canvas
all over the floor
and i cant believe
theres no more white space
on that canvas, my heart
left these lines on my face
the depression has sunk in
and takes a toll on me
because this picture you've painted
is all that i am, all i can be
and you threw me away
in the tip of a hat, i was gone
and i try and i try
but i just cant
this canvas is mine
the painting is yours
and you say in time
things will be different
but they will not
this painting will always be yours
and that big black spot
now my canvas is ruined
you dont love me
you cant even look at this painting
id give anything to be
there holding my canvas
back at that autum night
so i could stop that fucking paint
so i could keep my canvas white
because you dont want my painting
you dont even think its good
might as well throw it away
no one wants it...who would?

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