Monday, December 17, 2007

never ending battle.

my head and my heart
are at war with eachother
their feelings collide
they contradict one another
no matter how hard i try
to get them alligned
they refuse my ultimatum
and im left only to find
that neither is right
but neither is wrong
neither has answers
this time now, and all along
ive known my presence
has been a mistake
and god has forgotten me
so give me a break
ive been left in the dust
as you walked away
you could care less
but i still love you, more everyday
howd i get so fucked over
in this whole situation
why am i forgotten
and cursed with damnation
whats the point
if my head isnt right
nor is my heart
why even fight?
neither will win
what should i do?
should i act like im fine?
or should i tell myself
the truth?

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