Thursday, December 6, 2007

if i could paint a picture.

if i could paint a picture
of the perfect world
it'd be black and white
i'd be your perfect girl
if i could paint a future
for me and you
i'd paint our silhouettes
just us two
it would be your hand
holding mine
but this painting
only exists in my mind
you dont want me back
and i cant keep what i had
i cant move on
and thats too fucking bad
too bad for me
not so much for you
i hope to God someday
i will be able to
i would paint that picture
i would make you smirk
a masterpiece
my finest work
i could put the light
back in your eyes
id paint us forever
with no more goodbyes
no more space
no more time
i would paint your love
but i wouldnt have
to paint mine.

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