Wednesday, December 19, 2007

ta da.

i was going to write a poem
about how i feel today
but i couldnt find the words
the right words to say
my heart is overflowing
bursting with song
feel like i belong
i wanted to tell you about
whats on my mind
but again...the words
the right ones...i cant find
i cant find the words
to describe my fire
my hope, my passion
this fuel...this desire.
i cant find the words
to tell you exactly what it is
that i feel...theres just...
theres nothing to explain this
i want to jump around
and sing it all out
at the top of my lungs
its gone, the anger...the doubt...
i want to scream it
from the mountain tops
i cant dam this river
i cant make it stop
this feeling is flowing
through my veins
its rushing through my blood
its suffocating pain
that bitterness...
that regret....
that anguish....
i can finally let
myself be me
im finally me
im finally free
this is me...
its all i can be.
im me.
i am finally fucking me.

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