Friday, December 7, 2007

and i will keep dreaming

i dreamt today
of your face
a familliar feeling
in a familliar place
you held my hand
and kissed my lips
my arms wrapped tight
around your hips
we held eachother
and in your eyes
was a familliar vision
and to my surprise
you loved me back
it felt so right
for once in my life
it was in sight
that feeling again
something i long for
you were my friend
not just that either
but my lover too
it was how it used to be
just me and you
with long nights
and shadows dancing
with long talks
and sweet romancing
our past is over
but for that brief time
in that dream
you were mine
and i will hold tight
onto that second we had
when you were mine again
and i cant be sad
because God gave me
that moment to keep
close by my bed
to remember
right before
i go
to sleep.

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