Tuesday, December 25, 2007


the sun had been out
shining more and more
then the clouds rolled in
more than ever before
and this rainstorm
reined down so strong
its dark and dreary
and its lasted too long
this rainstorm has become
my life, my destiny
this rainstorm has taken
all that was left of me
the rain beats down
harder......every night
but whenever im with you
i see a light
you're a light through the storm
a beacon of hope in this hell
my rope, my ladder
out of this well
i was drowining in my sorrow
i was letting myself go
and you let down your hand
you took the time to show
that my life was worth
fighting through this rain
of dragging through this storm
of pushing through this pain
youre the only one
who is pulling me through
youre the only one who cares
and all i have is you
and i thank you so much
for being my light in this rainstorm
for bringing me out of this painstorm
for shelter and protection
and keeping me warm
you're my light in this darkness
and wish i had the right words to say
thank you for being here
right by my side
every second, of every day.

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