Sunday, December 23, 2007

waiting room.

i sit quietly
hands clasped
mouth shut
time lapsed
waiting patiently
twiddling thumbs
watching the clock
as my feet go numb
i sit silently
on this hard chair
i wait and i wait
and nothings there
i watch the birds
and sip my drink
im waiting...and waiting
i start to think
my mind is wandering
the tears well
i shift in my chair
then the first tear fell
followed by another
like a parade
marching single file
small puddle is made
i unclasp my hands
and lower my head
crash the parade
my face turns red
i look up
to fake a smile
but no ones there
its been a while
ive been sitting here
quietly and weak
arms folded, legs crossed
someone starts to speak
i stand up slowly
lift my chin
clear my throat
force that grin
i shake his hand
he rubs my back
he says two words...
my eyes turn black
i turn around
to walk away
the tears well up
and i turn to say
my last three words
but he isnt there
the words he spoke
vanished in the air
i sat back down
on that chair
and waited and waited
still no one was there
so i crossed my legs
lowered my head
still sitting there wishing
i would be dead

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