Monday, December 24, 2007


part of me knows
this is for the best
but the other part
doesn't see the rest
part of me sees
he's so wrong for me
but the other part
sees what it wants to see
part of me holds onto
foolish hope, stupid lies
part of me knows, though
when i see it in my eyes
its completely over
he loves me no more
Gods closed that window
but He's opened a door
the past is over
and theres no going back
no more holding on to
the love that i lack
part of me knows
this is how its got to be
but part of me
refuses to believe
part of me knows
ive got to move on
but that one part of me
knows youre not gone
part of me
has already let go
but part of me
is holding onto what i know
part of me is hurting
and cannot see
what the other part can
that im only hurting me
part of me wants
so much to forget you
but part of me cant
as badly as i want to
part of me still
loves all of you
and the other part
still loves you too.

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