Wednesday, December 5, 2007

8 inches.

sometimes the snow
makes me feel lonely
but this time it didnt
but it has only
snowed for one day
there are more days to go
to be hidden in this dust
to be lost in the snow
it hides my shadow
as it covers the earth
reminding each of us
of dear Christ's birth
but thats not it at all
christmas isnt the season
the snow's of itself
of only one reason
to cover my tears
to match with my heart
so cold and so wicked
and this is only the start
the season has begun
and only time will tell
what this snow will bring
will it bring me hell?
will it add to this feeling?
this miserable digression?
will it ease
or fuel this depression?
as the days get shorter
and the sun fades at noon
i'm hoping this snow
hasnt come too soon

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