Saturday, December 8, 2007

fuck love.

the one thing
thats so damn great
is the one thing
ive come to hate
this fucking love
its so over rated
everything about it
gets me irritated
i cant handle it
at all anymore
im building these walls
im closing this door
im walking away
from this painful feeling
im folding this hand
that life's been dealing
im sealing this vault
im shutting the gate
im stopping my heart
before its too late
never ever again
im ending this pain
im pulling the knife
im cutting these reins
its the end of the line
right now, right here
this pain is over
my mind is clear
im letting it go
love in all forms
from family to friends
to gods to yours.


-kylie- said...

very powerful.
and i've known that feeling.

if you ever need to talk...

the convent said...

thank you.
i'm just having a low day again.
i appreciate it